Equal in the Image of God

Most people don’t realize that there are a number of creation stories in the Bible.  Today we will contemplate the first creation story and the details of it as they relate to the equality of all people, and the very goodness of everything that this god created found in two passages highlighted by our graphics.

One’s point of view of the world and everyone in it is shaped by “what we see”.  “What we see” is shaped by what we believe.  This text clears up the misconceptions about the value of every human being and the (very) goodness of everything our Creator made.

Finally words matter!  Words create the world we live in.  “What are you saying these days?”

Click on the link below for the video presentation. (Please make sure that the video starts at 0:00 and not 7:00 minutes into it. (rewind to begin).



Author: universalsalvationhopeorheresy

Part time pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ingleside, Illinois.

2 thoughts on “Equal in the Image of God”

  1. Pr, your sermon
    Was right on! The idea of the dirty window needing to be cleaned and the being changed as a result was great. We do need to clean our windows. So glad I viewed this sermon. Thank you so much and thanks be to God for technology.
    I do miss you. So glad for these recordings. Carol


    1. Carol
      thank you so much for your comments. I’m also very glad that you are able to view the videos.
      God bless you.


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