+A Spiritual Road-map

wisconsin roadmap The Scriptural texts for this meditation are:



When I was young my father loved to plan routes to whatever new destinations life took us.  In my father’s view, the best route was the shortest route.  A “short-cut” that inevitably took us through winding two lane country roads and inevitable delays.

The three Scripture texts for today raise the question of “Who is planning your route through life?” Are you like my dad, who once set on his way, never deviated and never asked directions if lost?  Or, are you willing to be led by an Other who monitors one’s progress through life’s journeys and offers alternative routes when road blocks, dead ends, or extreme traffic congestion threaten to slow you down, or get you lost forever.

Please click on the link below for this mediation that inspires us to use Spiritual road-maps.



Author: universalsalvationhopeorheresy

Part time pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ingleside, Illinois.

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